"We continue to be amazed at (our daughter's) reading skills, writing abilities, and computer skills, and we know that her progress is due to the creativity, patience and support of her teacher."
- KenCrest parents

At KenCrest your child will participate in the nationally respected HighScope curriculum which incorporates thePennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood. 
You will be our close partner as we learn and share goals and expectations for your child.

Hallmarks of this curriculum are:

  • Abundant, age appropriate learning materials
  • Encouragement of exploration
  • Pursuit of personal interest
  • Language development
  • Adult support to develop reasoning, problem solving and creativity


Infants and toddlers

The HighScope program (
for your infant or toddler promotes healthy relationships, sense of self, meaningful play opportunities, stimulating activities and routine care that support infant and toddler learning in a safe, healthy environment.

Preschool Children

To help your preschool child to gain self-esteem and become a confident learner, the HighScope curriculum gives your child a carefully planned daily routine and the opportunity to work and play, make choices, pursue his or her interests, interact with peers, discover and create.

For more information about our curriculum contact our Artman  (215-646-1166)
or Rosemont Center (610-525-4771)