Positive Approaches

Embracing a philosophy of Positive Approaches, KenCrest builds on a relationship of trust and respect between adults and children. At KenCrest your child will feel safe and develop trust that adults will guide, support and assist them. With consistency, this positive learning environment will enhance your child’s self-esteem, self-reliance, self-initiative and self-control.

How Positive Approaches Works

When a child displays a challenging or inappropriate behavior, we assess how that behavior might be serving the child. That understanding is key to helping a child learn how to meet his/her needs in a more appropriate way. Basic techniques such as ignoring the negative behavior, redirecting the child to an appropriate activity or behavior and reinforcing the appropriate behavior will help the child gain new skills. Positive approaches:

  • Values children unconditionally, regardless of challenges.
  • Focuses on developing basic, foundational relationships and replacing challenging behaviors with positive ones.
  • Motivates through relationships that involve mutual respect and trust.